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The Details:

Say goodbye to your saggy, itchy old oil-based nylons and hello to your natural and soft CLOVO tights! Why you will never buy traditional tights again:

Sag-eliminating, thin spandex short that makes them easy to take on and off (can be turned inside out for tight dresses/skirts)

> 70%+ natural & durable Tencel™ fibers (trees!)

> Absorbent, breathable, moisture managing, bacteria growth resistant, and more!

> Embrace your beautiful, natural shape so you can feel confident!

Material Strength:

TENCEL™ fibers are derived from sustainably managed forest and made in a renewable energy powered facility (Learn More). 

Care Instructions:

Because EverTights are in fact sheer, there is a small chance they may rip, so treat them with care. Add longevity and keep your tights safe with this handy-dandy cotton laundry bag. Simply place your tights in this bag before you put them in a cold-water wash so your tights don't snag. When placed in the dryer, use tumble dry on medium heat to best protect your tights from shrinking.

The Benefits:

  • Moisture Management
  • Gentle on Skin
  • Enhanced Breathability
  • Color Retention
  • Bacteria Growth Resistant
  • Botanic Origins


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write a review

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