Give Your Tights a Second Life

Three Simple Re-Use Ideas

Drawer Fresheners

1. Snip the off the feet of your tights right above where your ankle would be. 
2. Fill them with fragrant leaves or balls.
3. Put them in your sock drawer or shoes.
4. The perfect DIY air freshener at your service.

Hair Ties

1. Snip the tight legs into one inch pieces. Try your best to keep your cuts straight for best result. 
2. Tie each strip ends together, creating a closed circle. Repeat this step for as many hair ties that you would like to make.
3. Whaalah! A super stretchy hair tie 

Flower Pot Helper

1: Cut off 6 inches above the foot.
2: Place tight foot+leg in flowerpot.
3: Stretch tights around edge.
4: Secure with a rubber band.
 5: Fill with soil and plant.