CLOVO in the News


"Our manufacturers and the CLOVO team have tested our EverTights and found them to be more durable and comfortable than traditional tights, specifically due to the integration of our spandex short and the inclusion of Tencel"

"Now more than ever, clothing companies are restructuring their supply chains and sourcing more responsibly to produce environmentally-friendly, quality items that customers love. One such company is CLOVO Brand"

Kickstarter Campaign

In May 2020, CLOVO Brand ran a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to produce their revolutionary EverTights. They successful received 107% funding on their campaign!

Still Being Molly Blog

The Still Being Molly Blog is centered around her passions and bringing joy to people. She has a sustainable fashion brand directory on her website that CLOVO Brand is proudly listed on.

The Tencel Company

CLOVO is verified to use Tencel fibers in our tights. This means that the Tencel company tested our tights for their sustainable tree fibers and verified that they are indeed mostly made out of Tencel! CLOVO is listed under the brand section of the Tencel company website.

Colgate University News

Both of the CLOVO co-founders' alma mater is Colgate University, located in Upstate New York. In fact, the company started in Colgate's entrepreneurship incubator. The founders story can be found in a blog post on the incubators website.

The Sustainable Fashion Collective Master Class

CLOVO co-founders Megan and Monica were interviewed about their expertise for part of a master class focused on the design and production of sustainable clothing.

Sassafras - Seattle

Sassafras in Seattle offers sustainable fashion, art, and handmade accessories made locally by independent fashion designers and artists in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. CLOVO tights and EverTights are sold on the online platform.

Bead & Reel Approved

CLOVO is proud to be a brand that meets the Bead & Reel values for exceptional commitment to mindfulness in fashion beauty, food, and beyond.


THR3EFOLD is a leader in the ethical fashion space. CLOVO was interviewed for one of their sustainable fashion blog posts.


Atticus grew out of the desire to support socially responsible companies. CLOVO is proud to be listed on this great platform.

Claw Convos Podcast

CLOVO Co-Founders were on the Claw Convos Podcast, which features entrepreneurs at different stages in the start-up world.

Leaf'd Marketplace

Leaf'd marketplace is leading the sustainability movement by promoting eco friendly products like CLOVO's tights and connecting conscious consumers with sustainable brands.

Dough Marketplace

When you shop on Dough, you’re not only supporting women-owned brands like CLOVO. You have the opportunity to shop by your values and support underrepresented communities. 90% of brands on Dough encompass a value — from Eco-Friendly to Not on Amazon .

Stylish Storyteller

Alyssa Tufts is an experienced journalist that has written about fashion, retail, business, lifestyle, entertainment, tourism and entrepreneurship for over seven years. CLOVO was a featured blog on her website.