Fast Fashion Truly Is The New Fast Food

The Material That CLOVO is Replacing First:



Crude Oil Based

Nylon is full of harmful chemicals from the crude oil it is made out of. These chemicals can enter your bloodstream just by it being on your skin. 



Because nylon is a synthetic fiber, it does not naturally biodegrade. Instead, nylon sits in our environment for over 35 years. 


Climate Change and Micro-Plastics Contributor

Other than the terrible reality that nylon is made from a fossil-fuel based material contributing to global warming, nylon also creates micro-plastics. These micro-plastics break away from clothing in the wash and end up in our oceans. 

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The Science of Fashion?

Believe it or not, most clothing now-a-days is produced from plastics and crude oil. Not seeing these listed on your clothing label?! These polluting materials full of harmful chemicals are often hidden under words like nylon and polyester much like unknown food ingredients.  

The New Generation of Fashion Has Arrived

Heath-conscious fashion is the only future for us and the environment. CLOVO's mission is to provide sustainable alternatives to traditionally unhealthy and unsustainable undergarments and accessories. 

What Natural Materials Does CLOVO Use?

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