So...what exactly is this revolutionary material called Tencel?

Tencel, also known as lyocell, is a natural cellulose fiber that is produced straight from nature. In fact, the specific cellulose fiber is from Eucalyptus trees that are grown sustainably.  

Tencel compared to other products?

Tencel is more absorbent than nylon and cotton! Most hosiery tights that you find in stores are made completely out of the synthetic material nylon. Nylon is not naturally absorbent, so if you sweat in them, they will become itchy. With Tencel, you will no longer feel itchy  because of its fabulous absorbing properties that keep you comfortable and cool.

Tencel is naturally anti-microbial. That means that your Clovo pantyhose are resistant to bacteria, mites, and dust.

For those who have super sensitive skin, Tencel is the perfect material for you as it is very skin friendly.

But that's not all! Tencel is also naturally wrinkly free.

Whats not to love about being natural! 

How much does Tencel shrink?

Tencel is naturally shrink resistant and durable. It may shrink 3% when first washed, but will then resist shrinking thereafter. Comparably to cotton, Tencel does not shrink as much and does not pill like cotton does. It is also an extremely strong fiber when wet and dry.

What does the Tencel feel like?

Very soft on the skin and softer than cotton.

What is Repreve?

Recycled water bottles. 

Where do we ship?

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 What is the return policy?

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