It was through the evolution of a simple idea to make sheer tights actually comfortable...

Co-Founders Megan and Monica started CLOVO in 2018 while studying at Colgate University. Living through freezing Upstate New York winters, tights were a lifeline when wearing a dress or skirt. However, they absolutely hated how they felt, sagged all day, ripped easily, and were incredibly itchy! From this tight strife, EverTights came into existence. Their first idea was to figure out how to eliminate sag and fit all women better. That is where the spandex short integration idea started. Along the path of finding a manufacturer, they discovered how terrible nylon plastic is for the environment and for your skin. That is why they are working to eliminate it completely by using tree based materials. The perfect pair of sheer tights grew from these two seedling ideas.

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CLOVO strives to create clothing and accessories to empower women and the environment through the creation of new designs and the use of natural materials.


“It only takes 10 seconds of insane confidence and I promise you something great will come of it”

This quote held true in Co-Founder Megan's head for a lot longer than ten seconds as her and Co-Founder Monica navigated the hosiery manufacturing world resistant to change. With both founders having a background in science and a shared love for the environment, they knew after researching plastic clothing that CLOVO would truly live up to its meaning as they continued to push for the first natural CLOVO Tights and EverTights to be made and thus ignite The Clothing Revolution.

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