Clovo's Mission:

Clovo is a start-up that is initiating the eVOlution of the clothing industry into a more sustainable one through creation of reVOlutionary, unique clothing. We are a sustainable brand that not only breaks the mold of the unsustainable clothing industry, but also makes sure that you can be your confident and beautiful self by not having to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. 

Five reasons why you should buy Clovo Brand:

1. Our number one priority is environmental ethics. Each of our products is specifically designed to integrate materials that are recycled or natural. CLOVO also informs you on how you can properly recycle your garments. So when you buy our product you are investing in a more sustainable wardrobe and future for our planet.

2. CLOVO products are fit to you. We designed our products to seamlessly fit all body types. 

3. Our products are made from high quality materials that are both durable and sustainable. Gone are the days of easily ripping knits. 

4.  Each CLOVO product has specific alterations that make them more advanced than other products on the market. For example, our pantyhose integrate a spandex short.

5. You can effortlessly and comfortably wear our products as they are designed to not sag, rip, or irritate your skin. 

6. Satisfaction Guaranteed. If your product does not meet your expectations, please contact us by the 14th day after delivery and return to our address. We highly value our customer's satisfaction and feedback because they can make us change the belief that clothing cannot be sustainable, comfortable and durable. Contact us at

What makes our pantyhose different:

Pantyhose have betrayed women for decades. They rip easily, itch, and are not form fitting. A woman with traditional pantyhose will experience the frustration of having to pull up and adjust their sheers multiple times a day, having their tights tear and then having to dispose of them shortly after buying. 

This cycle of dissatisfaction and disposal makes traditional pantyhose harmful to both your wallet and the environment.

Most of these tight betrayals can be charged to the material that most tights are made of: nylon. Nylon is a synthetic polymer (plastic) that is not absorbent, leaves you itchy, and takes 30-40 long years to decompose. Nylon is one of the world's most hidden plastic problems and is contributing to plastic pollution in the oceans today. CLOVO pantyhose are not plastic free yet, they have 20% nylon. Sustainable materials are not strong enough to be knitted so thin, but we are actively trying to find a solution to completely eliminate it. 

Luckily, CLOVO is here to end the tight strife while being SUSTAINABLE. We make our tights 70% out of a material called Tencel, which might just be in your own backyard. Tencel is made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, so when you wear Clovo you are wearing nature. Being straight out of nature means that Tencel is naturally biodegrades and is 100% recyclable. Also, one of many advantages of Tencel is that you can forget the days of itchy legs because it is naturally absorbent. So lets stop wearing all plastic (ew!) and start wearing trees instead. Join us in changing the hosiery market one sustainable tight at a time. 


What makes our athletic shorts different:

Our athletic shorts that are sold separately and included on our pantyhose are made from a material called Repreve. Repreve is made from 100% recycled water bottles. In fact, every yard of reprieve is made from 18 recycled water bottles.