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The Details:

Say goodbye to your saggy, itchy oil-based nylons and hello to your natural and soft EverTights™! Why you will never buy traditional tights again:

Sag-eliminating, thin spandex short that makes them easy to take on and off (can be turned inside out for tight dresses/skirts)

> 70%+ natural & durable TENCEL™ fibers (trees!)

> Absorbent, breathable, moisture managing, bacteria growth resistant, and more!

> Embrace your beautiful, natural shape so you can feel confident!

Material Strength:

TENCEL™ fibers are derived from sustainably managed forest and made in a renewable energy powered facility (Learn More). 

Care Instructions:

Because EverTights™ are in fact sheer, there is a small chance they may rip, so treat them with care. Add longevity and keep your tights safe with this handy-dandy cotton laundry bag. Simply place your tights in this bag before you put them in a cold-water wash so your tights don't snag. When placed in the dryer, use tumble dry on medium heat to best protect your tights from shrinking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write a review

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