The Story of CLOVO - Meet with Our Founders!

Megan (left) - Chief Executive Officer of CLOVO, graduated from Colgate University, majored in astrogeophysics.

Monica (right) - Chief Operating Officer of CLOVO, graduated from Colgate University, majored in geology. 

Monica and Megan met through a geology class that they both took at Colgate and soon found that they were both very dissatisfied with the current pantyhose in the market. Then the story of CLOVO started in the summer of 2018 prompted by their passion for creating the most comfortable pantyhose.


Beginning - where the story started 

Before Megan attended Colgate, she attended a Catholic school where she needed to wear a uniform every day. However, Megan felt that the pantyhose in the market wouldn’t fit her well as she was very tall. She soon found that she was not the only one who was unsatisfied with the current pantyhose market - actually, a lot of her friends did as well. Starting from that time, Megan had an idea of reinventing pantyhose. 

At Colgate, Megan learned more about environmental science. She researched how garments are made, how terrible nylon was for our skin, and how bad the chemicals in clothing were for the environment and our health. From these findings, she wanted to eliminate plastics in hosiery as much as possible. 

When Megan was trying to reinvent the pantyhose and solve the problem of nylon, she asked Monica to join her. Monica also felt the pantyhose market was not aiming to support women, rather, it set an ideal body type and anticipated women to fulfill it. Monica and Megan researched several sustainable materials, and after a couple of months, they found the ideal material - Tencel, which was the perfect natural material to fit any body shape and strong enough to maintain its strength. CLOVO was then established, named after their ambition to lead a CLOthing reVOlution to change the unsustainable fast fashion hosiery industry into a more eco-friendly market. 


Process - "We knocked over 100 doors"

To make sure that the design fit women’s real needs, Megan and Monica did an expanse of research and surveyed over 200 target female customers. After these surveys, they finalized the idea of attaching a spandex short to the pantyhose. They talked to a lot of advisors and experts in the fashion world and concluded the best way to make the attachment, which is the way that EverTights are made today. 

However, there was still a long way to go from design to the real product. Wishing to find an ethical and sustainable manufacturing partner, Megan and Monica visited and talked to over 100 manufacturers in the U.S., but they were either worrying that natural materials would not work for their machines, or just not willing to use different materials other than nylon. After being stuck for a couple of months, they decided to look for international manufacturers. Thankfully, they succeeded! 


Girl Power - "Women support Women"

As women entrepreneurs, Megan and Monica experienced many skepticisms and misunderstandings from the people around, especially the male demographic. They found it sometimes difficult to communicate with male mentors about women’s real needs. Fortunately, their persistence paid off, along with the number of sales and the feedback that EverTights received from early customers. 

“I think it is important for all women entrepreneurs to keep pushing forward. It is definitely not easy, especially when your product is female-focused. But just keep doing it and make sure to prove your product and yourself,” said Megan. 

For the future, Megan and Monica hope to expand the EverTights product line for more colors and patterns to make the pantyhose more inclusive for all women from all races and body types. They are also researching other garments, such as sports bras, shorts, and socks, to really fulfill the Clothing Revolution that they are starting. 

"We believe in the power of women. Women can support women," said Megan and Monica in one voice. 

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This story is so inspiring! I can’t wait to see how far you both go!

Diana September 17, 2020

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