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CLOVO Campaign - Please Support Us on Kickstarter! 

We, CLOVO, are running our campaign on Kickstarter starting July 15th 2020

CLOVO’s mission is to lead a CLOthing reVOlution for more sustainable and comfortable products, and EverTights pantyhose are our first product! 

EverTights provide everything you’ve wanted in pantyhose: No Sag, No Itch, All Comfort, Strength, and Sustainability. 

  • Different from thin, traditional pantyhose, EverTights incorporate a spandex short that support your natural shape and keep your pantyhose in place. 
  • Instead of the traditional production of 100% synthetic Nylon, which is crude oil-based and can release microplastics with every wash to cause severe environmental pollution, EverTights are 80% produced from a natural cellulose fiber, which protects the earth and also leaves you feeling comfortable and confident throughout your day. 
  • Traditional pantyhose from fast fashion brands can only be worn 1-5 times and take more than 35 years to decompose; EverTights sustain more than 40 wears and are naturally biodegradable

Breakdown of how EverTights leave a low-impact on the environment compared to traditional pantyhose.

EverTights are your best choice for pantyhose because they are so comfortable, made from a quality material, and sustainable!

For this campaign, we are seeking funds for our second production round to add more EverTights sizing and color lines so that we can provide you more sustainable EverTights options.

Our project budget is $10,000, including $6,100 for production, $2,630 for taxes and fees, and $1,200 for packaging and shipping. 

We will be more than grateful for your efforts to make a more sustainable future, and we are offering special gifts for your generous pledge as well! 

  • When you pledge $12, you will receive a limited edition drawstring bag and a pack of environmentally inspired stickers.

  • When you pledge $29, congratulations! You will get an early bird special discount at 30% off on your first pair of EverTights! Plus a laundry wash bag to produce your pantyhose.

  • When you pledge $50, you will not only get all the gifts above, but also a vote to help decide the next color of EverTights
  • When you pledge $250, Congratulations! You become our Silver CLOVO Backer! You will get 3 pairs of EverTights and several other gifts and your name will be on our Kickstarter Page of Fame on our website.

There are many other gifts provided to our supporters. Please check our Kickstarter page for more details and to unlock other pledge gifts! 

Your support is very important for the CLOVO team, for our creativity, for the clothing industry, and for the Earth!

Please give us a chance, and we will prove to you the quality of EverTights and our determination to lead a clothing revolution! 


What is Kickstarter?

“Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life.”

Kickstarter is an American public-benefit corporation based in New York City which provides a global crowdfunding platform for creative ideas

The founders of Kickstarter believe that creative expressions and ideas are fundamental to a healthy and vibrant society, and the environment for creating also requires protection. Instead of letting the art world elites and entertainment executives to define the culture, Kickstarter is helping the creative people - even those who haven’t made anything before - to “take the wheel”.

Kickstarter provides a platform where creators can communicate directly with their communities and audience, and get support from where it belongs. Instead of simple donations or investment, Kickstarter provides a win-win platform for both the creators and the audience - creators are supported to run their ideas, and the audience gets their favorite ideas into their real lives.  

Since Kickstarter was launched in April 2009, 18 million people have backed a project, $5.1 billion dollars has been pledged, and over 180,000 projects have been successfully funded.

Creativity and its supporters are changing the world! 


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Can’t wait for this to go live! My wife has always hated tights but wants a pair of these!

wills hapworth July 08, 2020

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