Plant-Powered Strength & Comfort

The first-ever plant-based sheer tights & the most comfortable natural underwear you will ever own

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Live Free, Live Bold


With a engineered strength design and strong material developed by women engineers, CLOVO's tights are built to last. A free wash bag is included to keep your tights safe in the wash.

Plant-based materials provide comfort, breathability, bacteria growth resistance, & breathability, while protecting our environment.

For People + Earth

We make undergarments to empower people and the environment through the creation of long-lasting designs and natural materials.

Carbon Neutral

After completing CLOVO's environmental impact assessment, we partnered with Cool Effect to become carbon neutral.

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71% Less Plastic

Composed of 71% plant-based materials, CLOVO's tights are better for the environment & your body. Tencel & Modal fibers use less water & energy than cotton.

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End of Life

Have old tights? Check out these tights repurposing ideas or where to give your tights a second life!

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