Live Free, Live Sustainable

The New generation of tights

Sheer Tights that don't sag, itch, or rip easily, without the environmental impact of traditional tights! CLOVO™'s products are made to empower women and the environment.

Innovative Design + Soft Material

Live Freely, Live bold

Forget the days of sagging & itchy tights with CLOVO™'s revolutionary spandex short design & luxurioiusly soft & breathable material.

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Welcome to natural

Welcome to TENCEL™

Natural tree materials provide superior comfort, breathability, bacteria growth resistance, & moisture management, while protecting our environment from micro-plastics and more.

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How long do they last?

5x traditional tights

With an engineered design and durable material developed by women scientists, CLOVO™'s tights are built to last. A free wash bag is included with each order to keep your tights safe in the wash.

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