Live Free, Live Sustainable

The New generation of tights

Sheer Tights that don't sag, itch, or rip easily, without the environmental impact of traditional tights! At CLOVO 'sustainable' means using sustainably grown tree cellulose while minimizing the use of plastic to protect our environment.

Soft Material + Innovative Design

Live Freely, Live bold with EverTights

Our EverTights provide users with an amazing overall experience, from the moment you put them on to the time they are taken out of the wash. The best part is that with great care, they can last months! CLOVO Tights also offer the same natural comfort minus the short.

Do CLOVO Tights contribute to deforestation?

Nope. Welcome to TENCEL™

Our popular sheer tights are TENCEL™ certified which means the trees used to produce our tights were farmed and produced sustainably.  Learn More.

How long do they last you ask?

Over 40 wears!

We designed our tights with a strong material to bring you the best and include a bag to keep your tights safe in the wash. Unlike traditional, fast-fashion tights that only last 1-5 wears, our tights last over 40 wears. That is about one dollar per wear from our tights compared to nearly two dollars for your classic wholesale tights!

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Traditional tights = Crude oil

Synthetic fibers are not only itchy and rip easily, but also contribute to the 8 million tons of plastic that enter the ocean yearly

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