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Plant-Powered Strength & Comfort

The first-ever plant-based sheer tights & the most comfortable natural underwear you will ever own

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We guarantee our tights to last 5x longer than traditional tights, but if there is an issue, we'll replace them for the first 30 days or issue you a refund.

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All CLOVO products offer free standard shipping within the U.S. and Australia.

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All products that are not used can be returned within the first 14 days.

Live Free, Live Bold


With a engineered strength design and strong material developed by women engineers, CLOVO™'s tights are built to last. A free wash bag is included to keep your tights safe in the wash.

Plant-based materials provide comfort, breathability, bacteria growth resistance, & breathability, while protecting our environment.

But as sustainability has grown from trend to foundational pillar, one category has been left behind, legwear. That is until now. Introducing CLOVO, an emerging sustainable stockings brand.


Sustainability isn’t a trending topic anymore. Now, sustainability is an integral value... One such company is CLOVO Brand. CLOVO wanted to create comfortable and sustainable tights for all women.

Stylish Storyteller

A top-notch design and an innovative fabric make CLOVO tights a game-changer for green closets everywhere!


For People + Earth

We make undergarments to empower people and the environment through the creation of long-lasting designs and natural materials.

Carbon Neutral

After completing CLOVO's environmental impact assessment, we partnered with Cool Effect to become carbon neutral.

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Material Sample

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71% Less Plastic

Composed of 71% plant-based materials, CLOVO's tights are better for the environment & your body. Tencel & Modal fibers use less water & energy than cotton.

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End of Life

Have old tights? Check out these tights repurposing ideas or where to give your tights a second life!

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